Courtney Smith, Curator


Hey Everyone! I'm Courtney, the Ambler Union Curator! I am a part-time staff member and a full-time graduate student.  I am a native King of Prussian but now reside in Philadelphia while working in Ambler.  As a young adult, I am passionate about this project because I have experienced a profound need and desire for a community I can turn to that is comprised of people my age, experiencing the same difficulties in life as myself.  When I was asked to join the team to work on building the exact community I was looking for, I couldn't help but jump on board!

I am an avid book lover; my dream is to have my own personal library, equivalent to that of Bell's in Beauty and the Beast.
My favorite color is yellow and I'm obsessed with sunflowers because they always stand tall and face the sunshine.
I'm a big Shakespeare fan and my favorite quote is "Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none."
I am also a big blogger! I love to blog my experiences as a missionary around the world and about my journey through grad school. I have been a writer my whole life; so if you ever want to talk books, poetry, blogging, I'm your friend!

Courtney Smith